Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Alison Barter

My artwork is predominately of floral subjects, reflecting my love of nature. Recently I have become interested in botanical illustration and am currently a student on the Society of Botanical Artists diploma course.

This series of 5 paintings was inspired by studying 18th century textiles in the Hereford Museum Archives and The Berrington Hall collection which holds the most beautiful historical costumes.

All the fabrics I studied were exquisitely hand embroidered, every stitch carefully made to represent flowers and foliage.

The flowers depicted are loaded with symbolism, a secret language which would be understood by the wearer and the viewer.

My versions echo the stylistic arrangement of the embroidered flowers.

‘Daisy Chain’ = Loyal love
‘Forget-me-not’ [ Knot ] = Faithful love
‘Ring-a-Roses’ = Love and passion
‘Love-in-a-mist’ = Binding love
‘Heartsease’ = Heart’s delight






My original watercolour paintings are each for sale at £ 500.00 + p&p.
They 40 x 30 cm [ 16×12”] unframed.

I have signed quality Giclée Prints for sale, unframed.
They are approximately 27 x 27cm [ 11 x 11”] and are £30.00 + p&p.

I also have greetings cards 15 x 15cm [ 6 x 6”] at £2.50 each or £10 a pack of 5 + p&p.


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