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Detail from Proceeds in the garden 01

Allen Fisher

Proceeds in the garden

Allen Fisher in his exhibition
at the King’s Archive, London, 2007

Allen Fisher is a poet, painter and art historian. He worked in the lead works at Southwark Bridge in the 1960s-70s, he was part of the English Fluxus performance art group in the early 1970s. He is the publisher of Edible Magazine and the journal Spanner and Spanner Editions. He is co-publisher of Aloes Books and New London Pride Editions.
He studied physics and human physiology, then in the 1980s studied art, drawing and colour at Goldsmiths, then Essex, came to live in Hereford to teach and stayed. He was Head of Art at Roehampton, then Head of Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is Emeritus Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University and teaches for the WEA.
Retrospective shows of his paintings have been in King’s Manor Gallery York (1993); Hereford Museum & Gallery (1994); Lulham Gallery, London (1998 and 2002; King’s College Archive (2003); and Applestore Gallery Hereford (2013).
Work in public collections includes Tate Gallery, London; King’s Archive, University of London; Hereford City Museum; Living Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland.
His web site is at:
He has over 100 book publications in his name. Recent book publications include the art-book Black Pond 7;
a book of essays in 2016, Imperfect Fit (essays on Aesthetics, Facture & Perception, University of Alabama);
a book of poetry with photographs by Paige Mitchell, NO LONGER ALONE.
Two longer works of poetry, GRAVITY AS A CONSEQUENCE OF SHAPE (1983-2007) and PLACE (1971-1981) are now available in a complete form from Reality Street Editions.
Publication of the full Black Pond, poetry and paintings has been scheduled for September 2020.

He is a guest at the Tears in the Fence Festival in September 2020 and is currently working on Close Views, a book of Art History over seven centuries and Proceeds in the garden, an artist book.

The images in this HACS online exhibition 2020 are details from a large work in progress titled Proceeds in the garden. The work is a response to Dante’s Paradiso. The work exhibited will contribute to a large format artist’s book.

Y Gors Ddu – The Black Bog

Constructed Rush V

Extract from Drawing Performance, 2006, played below Constructed Rush V, oil on treated paper, 1985

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