Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Anita Wallace

Anyone who knows me well will be aware that I have a huge interest in the paranormal or anything remotely spooky! That’s not to say I believe everything I see or hear; I am what you call a sceptic believer, someone who wants to believe that there is another side to this world but needs definite proof of that. Anyway, that brings me to some of the artwork I have been doing over the past few years. Some are more recent than others. I am fascinated with abandoned and derelict buildings, particularly houses. The older the better. Two of my paintings are based on two such houses in Herefordshire, you may or may not recognise them. I recently started a Facebook page Ghosts of Herefordshire https://p.facebook.com/ghostsofherefordshire, which unfortunately has been put on hold while I’ve been helping with home schooling during the recent lockdown, but I very much hope to start this going again very soon. I’m particularly looking for any local recent ghost stories based in Herefordshire. There is so much history in the County, there must be loads of hidden stories! I know all the old ones but would really like to hear about some new ghostly experiences. Feel free to message me on my Ghosts of Herefordshire page if you know of any.

Derelict Cottage
Acrylic,   12”x 16”        £99  Unframed

The first painting is of an abandoned cottage in the woods. I tried to convey a feeling of abandonment with the trees growing close to the house and the windows broken. I also left some of the windows out to give a sense of discomfort as to what lies inside! This painting was actually done a few years ago and the house it was based on has since been renovated.

Ghost Ship         Acrylic   NFS

This painting was inspired by The Flying Dutchman story. The sight of this ghostly ship at sea was said to be a forebearer of doom, unfortunately, for the sailors who saw it. I love the mysteriousness to this legend and can only imagine what sailors must have felt upon seeing it appear out of the fog whilst at sea.

Church in the Mist
Acrylic,   12”x 16”        £125  Unframed

This is based on a church in Herefordshire, St. Michaels Church in Brampton Abbott to be precise. This historic church was falling apart, but local villagers are in the process of raising funds to renovate it with the aim of making it a community hub. The project is called The Daily Bread and has its own Facebook page with updates on progress Brampton Abbotts Church Regeneration Group | Facebook

Spooky Cottage
Acrylic,   12”x 12”        £50  Unframed

A painting based on a fascinating old cottage in Herefordshire. This started out as a quick painting, with not much forethought at all, I just wanted to get the scratchy feeling of discomfort on canvas. I’ve heard rumours that the place is haunted so wanted to convey that presence in the painting. The mist (which I expect you’ll realise by now I like) adds to that dark and uncomfortable feeling (ever seen the film The Fog?!)

Nostalgic Decay       NFS

My final painting started out as another quick painting based on the Autumnal day I was experiencing whilst sat painting in my studio, but, having recently watched The Haunting of Bly Manor I became heavily influenced by spookiness and the recent images from that series (I also learnt to play the theme tune on the piano!).
My husband liked the painting so much it now hangs on the wall in his office. He likes wondering what the girl in the picture is thinking, so I decided to call it Nostalgic Decay….

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