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From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

1 October – 30 November 2020

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This exhibition by the artists and craftspeople of the Herefordshire Art & Craft Society heralds the opening of our online HACSGallery!

Inspired by the extreme and rapid changes both in our individual lives and across the globe – politically, personally, ecologically, creatively, spiritually, within family, and amongst friends – we have curated an excellent selection of artwork including paintings, sculptures, photography, textile art and more!

You will be able to see over 250 pieces of art that demonstrate an astounding breadth of talent and personal expression in response to this unique period of history that we are living through.

Each exhibitor has co-created their personal viewing rooms, where you will be able to see not only their artwork, but in some cases purchase original art!

Leave a “like”, follow them on social media, reach out directly to the artist and express your appreciation and interest!

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HACSGallery Exhibition

From Isolation to Creation: Artists Respond to a Changing World

1 October – 30 November 2020

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Until then, we invite you to enjoy a brief selection of some of the artwork you will see, along with responses by a few of our artists to the question, “Why did you join HACS and how does being a member benefit you personally?”

“I originally joined HACS in the hope of gaining some inspiration to start drawing and painting again after many years of not doing any. Meeting other artists and like-minded individuals has given me lots of fresh ideas to incorporate into my artwork. I’ve also made many new friends. The Society is very open to new ideas. I would highly recommend becoming a member!” – Anita Wallace
Loss by Anita Wallace
Opus 4
Opus 4 by Steve Sargeant

“I joined the HACS group as I wanted to explore the various ideas and concepts other artists have. I also wanted to feel part of a group which was stimulating and interesting . HACS fulfilled this need.”
– Steve Sargeant

“Originally I joined HACS to achieve a long-term goal of exhibiting my art. But over the years of membership, I have come to appreciate the connection and community with other artists. Through them I have learned not just new skills, but the confidence to experiment and find my own unique direction!”
– MaVie

Distraction by Paula Jobson

“I originally joined HACS to get in contact with other artists, and I was looking for opportunities for showing my work and stepping up my creativity. I have had a great time learning how to prepare for exhibitions, the time it takes and the all the activities that go along behind the scenes. I have also been inspired by the willingness and generosity that the HACS artists for sharing their processes and encouraging a clueless beginner.”
– Paula Jobson

“When I lived in Marlborough Wiltshire I belonged to the Embroiderers Guild and when I came to Herefordshire I missed being able to talk to other creative people and show my work.
HACS has filled that void.”
– Jackie Day

Crosslight by Jackie Day
Crosslight by Jackie Day
When will lockdown end? by Keith James

“ I well remember my schoolboy joy when HACS exhibited a pencil sketch of mine at Broad Street in the 1960s……long may HACS continue”

– Keith James
Empty Chairs
Empty Chairs by Jenny Williams

“I really enjoy being a member of HACS. The social aspect is really good, and I have met some lovely people to exchange creative ideas with.
There are lots of great exhibitions to take part in. All held at prestigious venues and on line. All very stimulating. I highly recommend being a member.” – Jenny Williams

From Isolation to Creation: Artists Respond to a Changing World

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