Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Denise Fordyce

An early memory is of gazing out of a classroom window, bored, and wishing I could be sweeping up leaves with the gardeners instead. It was late winter, cold outside, bare trees and a pale blue sky, dry brown leaves blowing around, two men with rakes and a wheelbarrow.
Daydreaming instead of listening usually had unpleasant repercussions then and school reports mentioned “inattention” rather too often, but actually my attention that day was all on what really interested me – the view outside and how I felt I’d much rather be a gardener. I’d still prefer to be outside, and I love gardening.
And daydreaming for me – together with sketches, colour notes and photos – is a useful way to focus on what really matters at the beginning of a new project. Journeys, concerts, or time spent waiting in queues can produce all the ideas I need.
This group of paintings takes me back to when I first started being aware that nothing is what it seems; colours change with light, time of day or reflected colours, seasons progressively adjust the intensity and quality of light. Nothing stays the same. Late winter has its own particular bright or gloomy palette, different from every other time of year.

From Brobury Scar

 Watercolour, 38 x 29cm      £105  unframed

Hilltop Rocks

Mixed media,  27 x 17cm      £90 unframed

Moorland Pool

Mixed media,  27 x 17cm      £90 unframed

Green Valley

Mixed media,  27 x 17cm      £90 unframed

By the River

Mixed media,  27 x 17cm      £90 unframed

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