From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

So Near and Yet so Far

Denise Fordyce

Working from Memories

Children make art with anything that comes to hand – mud on walls, fingers on steamy windows, giant cardboard cartons repurposed as castles – all derived from whatever they were experiencing at the time. Their imaginative use of materials has always been an inspiration and I aim to recapture that feeling of spontaneity and to add a reflective note in my current work.

It was easy for me to be living in rural Herefordshire during lockdown, with access to open spaces and helpful local services. There were so many things I missed though, such as walking on the Welsh hills, and most of all I missed my family, who were too far away to visit without staying overnight.

Each group of paintings began as one large abstract ink drawing on a single sheet of thick watercolour paper, which was divided into sections with masking tape. Oil pastel and watercolour were added and gradually each section evolved into a standalone image. These were then separated.

The first group relates to my thoughts on last winter’s weather and the return of spring. Originally, it was intended to be a single large piece, divided by white lines into several windows, but being unable to go out on the hills led me to think about and remember all my favourite locations; each section developed as a different aspect of the same subject, with its own individual character.

The second group, also conceived as a group of images, relates to separation; not just from family and friends, but also from the busy interactions we took for granted only a few months ago.

Looking Forward to Spring

Staying Apart

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Denise Fordyce

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