From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World
Welcome to the inaugural exhibition of the new HACSGallery!
That Magenta by Stella Hidden

Our carefully curated exhibition – From Isolation to Creation: Artists Respond to a Changing World – includes over 300 pieces of multimedia art by members of Herefordshire Art & Craft Society.

Throughout history the art and crafts of a culture have not only reflected the time but also reflected upon the time, creating a record for future generations.

Inspired by the extreme and rapid changes both in our individual lives but across the globe – politically, personally, ecologically, creatively, spiritually, within family, and amongst friends – each artist has co-designed their own viewing room, inviting you to partake of their internal and external view of the contemporary world! We hope you enjoy the HACSGallery exhibition!

Please leave a “like” for each artist, follow them on social media, reach out directly to the artist and express your appreciation and interest!

We also welcome comments and correspondence sent directly to our exhibition organiser at

To find out more about Herefordshire Art & Craft Society, please follow the link below, where you will also find information on how to become a member!


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