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Ian Seymour

The Way We Were

Having Fun
Having Fun ... NFS

Having enjoyed a lengthy career as a graphic designer, I now live in Herefordshire and work from a small home studio that I share with my novelist wife Eve.

Mystic City

Although there is no defined theme to my work, I like to paint subjects that capture a moment in time or convey a particular mood, a snapshot in watercolour as it were. I paint predominantly in watercolours because they can produce painting effects unlike any other medium, and I love the ‘happy accidents’ that can occur when the colours flow into one another, although I will quite often add a splash of designers gouache to a painting at the very end to give it a little extra lift.

My inspiration to paint frequently comes from studying the work of other artists.
I am a great admirer of the paintings of JMW Turner, Sir William Russell Flint and John Singer Sargent whose brilliant depiction of sunlight is truly masterful. John Raynes and Richard Thorn are two contemporary favourites of mine, whose love of their subject shines through in their wonderfully evocative paintings of the British coastline and countryside.


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I am able to accept card payments via a ‘sumup’ card reader for buyers who can collect within the Hereford area or from my home directly.

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Steve Sargeant
The Way We Were

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Anita Wallace
Mixed Emotions