Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Isabel Dyer


I was born in Hereford, and attended Hereford College of Art when it was in the lovely building by the river on the Castle Green.
My inspiration to paint comes from the natural world. I lived on a boat in the Caribbean while my granddaughters were growing up.
We spent hours watching sea life, collecting shells and sea glass, dazzled by the deep blues of sea and sky, a contrast with the rich brown and red soil and lush green pastures of Herefordshire.

My paintings were exhibited at Oasis Art Gallery and Bequia Pottery, which was converted from an old sugar mill. I started painting on the boat when a new generator arrived in a wooden box, which I claimed, and turned it into a Captain’s sea chest. I had smaller versions made as prizes in the annual Bequia Sailing Regatta.

Paper collages were my next venture, featuring the small gaff rigged, double ended sailboats that were hand built on the beaches of Bequia and other small islands.

Art materials were very difficult to find, I used plywood board with cotton canvas from old sails stapled to it as a base to paint on with acrylics. Commissions were the bar front on a day sail catamaran that sailed into the harbour one day from Jamaica, and the shop counter in Dive Bequia’s office on the beach, which was much admired by divers from around the world.

Now back in Hereford I’m finding plenty of interesting new subjects to keep me busy during lockdown.

Distanced Walkers

Watercolour 40 x 30 cm,  £45 unframed
Image 28 x 18.5 cm

My painting is my socially distanced walking group. I am one part, alone, being identified exclusively by my phone’s signal.

Covid has no boundaries so we have to change and adapt for safety.
I resorted to my paints to channel my feelings until I can be myself.

Solitary exercise, shuttered restaurants, travel banned.
Falling leaves as our spirits dropped and Covid numbers increased, and daffodil bulbs planted to welcome Spring and Hope.

Last customer gone

Acrylic,  20 x 30 cm    £120  framed
35 x 43 cm with mount

Castaway Shells

Watercolour ,  40 x 30 cm with mount.   £120  framed

Falling Leaf

Watercolour ,  40 x 30 cm with mount.   £90  framed

Daffodils for Spring

Watercolour ,  40 x 30 cm with mount.   £90  framed


Please contact me if you are interested in my work.

Email address:     halovana@gmail.com

Website:               isabeldyer-art.com

Instagram:            isabeldyer.art

Feel free to share this art far and wide!


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