From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

Jackie Day

Contemporary Fabric and Threads

Rockface ... Fabric & thread ... 61cm x 82cm ... £500

At the heart of my work is a love of the process of making and solving problems using textiles and threads. I am particularly interested in creating a three-dimensional aspect in the work.

I am inspired by colour and texture and my main work is often abstract. I work from my photographs or drawings often from nature which I usually develop into abstract compositions.

I have always enjoyed making art. I joined the Embroiders Guild because I was interested in expanding my creativity. From there I decided to take more formal training. I studied embroidery (including its history) at Chippenham College and Urchfont Manor for seven years. This was under the tutelage of Kay Norris and Valerie Campbell-Harding, who both inspired me to love and further develop the skills of Embroidery.

My aim in my work is to challenge people’s perception of embroidery beyond that of a gentlewoman’s pastime.

Jackie Day

My artworks

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You can phone me on 01885 400604,  or email me at:          

Jackie Day

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