Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Jane Rees Taylor

As a photographer and artist, I only use my own photography from which to paint. I frequently address the question is a painting better than a photograph? Sometimes the photograph has enough quality and content to stand alone, so I leave it alone. Sometimes a painting can add something more and improve the image. Other times a pencil drawing can highlight a subject using minimal lines with no colour. I consider myself lucky to have choice.

Photography forces me to be patient. When patience is rewarded with the sight of a bird species not seen before, the thrill is unique. When I see a deer feeding its young, I feel so privileged to have witnessed it and recorded it. The process of photography therefore is spiritually rewarding, and exciting. If I get a great picture as well, the personal rewards are massive.
Painting and drawing are both methods of translating what I see on to paper or whatever medium I am using. I work from my own photographs then I have first-hand knowledge of my subject. I consider myself an image maker as I also love enhancing images through the computer for another dimension.

My work is always experimental as I like to try different media, supports and sizes. My Hare was an experiment using natural pigments, blackberries, turmeric, tea, and coffee. I hope to do more with natural pigments and run workshops for others who may like to embrace totally natural media.
I am currently experimenting with miniatures following the theme “the smaller picture”. Small images are challenging as even a dot can alter the emphasis on a subject – I believe that to see the bigger picture you have to start with the smaller picture and work out.
What I love about what I do is observing the little things which humans overlook in their daily lives. Birds still carry on regardless of what the rest of the world is doing, one of the many reasons I have become so passionate about them. They take nothing from us but unknowingly give us so much. Nature is a constant lesson in survival.

I have interpreted the exhibition title “Me Myself I” in my drawing of the Ewe and newborn lamb, as I grew up on a smallholding and my first memories are with my grandfather tending his sheep. The smell of a new lamb is deeply etched in my memory – this not only represents my early life, my roots, but also my transition to motherhood. I don’t think I became me until I had my own children. Other paintings express my love of nature and wildlife in particular birds!
These and other works can be seen at The Gallery, Tourist information Centre, Corn Square Leominster during May 2021, hopefully!

If you would like prints or cards of any of my work please email janetaylor06@sky.com
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Hare “au naturel”
Natural pigments
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Long Tailed Tit
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Escape to Llangenneth
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Chiffchaff with leaf
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All work is available to order as prints and cards; prices dependent on size and quantity.

Please email janetaylor06@sky.com to discuss.

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