From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

Jenny Williams

Learning to live with Covid19

Living with Covid19 ... Oil ... 92 cm x 61 cm ... £600.00

A symbol of the lurking darkness if you break the rules.  This was a major project for me and took ages to put together and paint.  So many paintings on one large canvas.

I try to communicate through my artwork the joy of creating. The freedom it gives me to enter another world and exist totally in that space.
It is so true that to be creative you need time to daydream and let ideas ebb and flow before externalising. The imagination can be sparked by surprisingly small things. A ray of sunlight illuminating a plant highlighting intense colour. The way objects fit together. The tilt of a head, a pattern on a fabric, a sound, a word etc. anything that awakes the senses.

My Studio is a garden shed at the bottom of the garden. Delightful in the summer but a little cool in the winter! A wonderful space never the less.
I like the physicality of painting. The texture and smell of oil paint, putting colours next to each other and making them sing. The excitement of creating! There is always a downside though, when nothing works and I plummet to the depths. It must be so nice to exist on a level playing field.

When I met my future husband, Gwynne,  he encouraged me to go to Hornsey Art School in Crouch End, London. He was studying at The Slade School of Art in London at the time.
I play the alto sax with several jazz bands, wind band and a community orchestra all of which I thoroughly enjoy. It is sometimes a balancing act between art and music. Most of the time they exist happily together.

I was brought up in a household where my mother sang and played the piano so most nights I used to go to sleep listening to Chopin or the latest song she was practising. I remember my grandfather played the violin and had a drum kit in his front room!
So as you can see art and music have been a part of my life for a long time.

You will see that on my page I have included some poems which I wrote during lockdown. Really I suppose I was keeping a diary but they came out as a kind of verse which I am loosely calling poems… A nod to my father who loved poems and said they should always be read aloud.

Also included on my page are two videos which I did with The Hereford Big Band during lockdown. One is called “Over the Rainbow” which was done in aid of the NHS. The other is called “New York, New York”, which is always our encore when we play at gigs. Hopefully we will all be able to play again at live gigs before too long. Both of these videos have gone out on social media – you may have already seen them!

Under the Cherry Tree

Early spring, Early evening
Warm and still
Not a breath of air
Sun still high in a cloudless sky
Looking up through the branches
Against the blue blue sky
Pretty tiny white blossoms
Hanging petal to petal
Filled with the low humming
Of so many bees
Under the Cherry Tree.

Looking across.
The green fields
Horses still
Jolly lambs
With soft faces
Jumping running
Mothers grazing
A sudden breeze
Showers dancing petals
Softly through the air
The grass becomes white
Under The Cherry Tree

The wind is cool
The world has changed
I feel cold and helpless
Vulnerable and fearful
Of the unknown ahead
So many deaths
So much sadness and pain
In this beautiful place
Under the Cherry Tree

Walking the Dog (Jazz)

Walking the dog
Through open fields
Trees lining lanes
Distant views
Of a misty Hay Bluff
Eaton Bishop, village on a hill,
Belmont Abbey Tower
Tall as the trees around
Never forgetting
Gloves on to open gates
Keep to 2 metre rule

So many people
Out walking
With family and friends
Picnicing on
The church green
Feeding the swans
Who flap their wings
To protect their young
The overgrown lake
Sparkling in the sun
The sound of cars
A distant whisper
Birds singing
Building nests
With twiggy beaks
Pigeons skuttering noisily
Across the roof
Eating the chicken food
Out on the lawn.

Hereford Big Band made these recordings during lockdown.
Each of us played and recorded our part at home, then all the recordings were combined.

Please contact me by email if you are interested in any of my work.

Prints can be ordered and when the Courtyard theatre reopens they will be selling my cards. You can also find me on Facebook (@jenny.williams.37819959) and Instagram  (@jennywilliamsart).

  jenny@jennywilliams net

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Chris Watts
Glancing Back – Looking Forward

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Joy Willis 

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