Spring 2021 Exhibition
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Jenny Williams

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I love oil paint, the texture and smell, and the effect of putting different colours together!
People painting I enjoy, using the composition a bit like collage. Putting different images together until I find a pleasing story. I love fiction and painting is somewhat like writing a book.
During lockdown I found I enjoyed writing down my thoughts and feelings at a particular moment. Especially when I am first awake in the mornings, when it is quiet and still and the day hasn’t intruded on my mind.
You will find two of these scribblings ‘A Misty Morning through my Window’ and ‘A New Lens’ further down my page, with a couple of my photos.

A Misty Morning through my Window
by Jenny Williams

A misty morning

Trees peering,
Through a misty space
Limp and ghostly
Some black and scary
Cutting the heavyness
With their sharp spikes.
A tiny bird
Sitting on a swinging cable
Bright eyed and delicate
With puffed out feathers
Keeping warm
In the cold still air
A precious second
Of eye to eye contact
A lone pigeon
With a droopy tale
Lands heavily
On a spiky twig
Resting – still
Then gone….
Leaving behind
A shivering shaking branch

Party Time

Oil on canvas – 61 cm height x 43 cm wide
£200.00 – unframed

‘Party Time’ was a piece done during lockdown when the best we could hope for was a party for a very few people.
I tried to express the feeling of loneliness and the excitement and anticipation of waiting for guests to arrive.

Orchid with Spots

Oil on canvas – 83cm height x 36cm width
£ 220.00 – framed

A friend had given me a pot of Orchids for my birthday which was wrapped in spotty paper.
I just loved the flower heads with the paper!

Dance Class
Oil on canvas – 50cm height x 106cm width £420.00 – framed

I have always loved ballet and as a child I attended a lot of classes, so this painting was a reminder of those days.

A New Lens
by Jenny Williams

Opening an eye.
Onto a new world
Almost too much
For the over worked senses
A wide window
So much depth
Light and colour
Quite dazzling!
My other eye
Has become a poor relation
Left behind,
As a hazy back up.
Will I put it
Out of its misery
And bring out into the new world
Probably not!


Dream Sequence
Oil on canvas – 72cm height x 93 cm width
£400.00 – framed

‘Dream sequence’ was visualised during a relaxed moment before sleep.
When I came to paint it onto canvas, it evolved and grew but still retained the basic elements I had imagined and felt that night.

A Sunny Afternoon by the Sea
Oil on canvas – 72 cm height x 93 cm width
£500 – unframed

I stayed on the Gower Coast for a weekend before lockdown.
People watching, sitting on the sand with fish and chips and becoming fascinated by the theatre unfolding in front of me.

Please do get in touch with me
I am quite happy to answer questions and talk about my work
I do have prints and cards for sale as well

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