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Jonathan Roger

Figurative to relive accurate archaeology

Roman goddess Epona patroness of horses straightened

Roman goddess Epona, patroness of horses (part of a decorative mount from Magnis, at Hereford museum)
Linocut relief print, blue-violet colour oil relief ink on cream colour Somerset paper
Size: 13cm x 13cm
        Price:  £8 per print (edition of four quantity prints)

During lockdown I‘ll cycle off to Magnis Kenchester where I found some sherds of Roman pottery on the ploughed footpath.

My interest in figure drawing for eight years also combines too with history. At the museum recently I drew this sketch of the Roman rider. It becomes now one of my first original linocut relief prints. Linocut is new for me this year.

For the other one I’ve re-used my old life drawing.

Next time I’ll mirror my prints to face the right way…

Nude her head on a table

Nude, her head on a table
Linocut relief print, yellow ochre colour oil relief ink on cream colour Somerset paper
Size: 13 cm x 13 cm
Price: £8 (one-off limited edition print)

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