From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

Joy Willis

Lockdown Visitors

Sophie Mcpike, Ink and Watercolour, 21 x 15 cm ... NFS

Hello and thank you for visiting my page. I would like to welcome you to the exhibition and to my sketchbooks. The characters you’ll see across these pages kept me company and kept me busy while the world was falling apart this year. These characters are my “Lockdown Visitors” and this exhibition is my documentation of these visitors.

Generally I am a worrier and I find every day a struggle. I like to make art to improve my mood but I find it hard to justify dedicating my time and energy to a consistent creative practice; even though I know how much good it does me.

As 2020 began the world was thrown into a nightmare. The Corona virus seemed unstoppable. It became a pandemic that took hold of the whole world. It was incredibly frightening, no-one knew what to do or what was going to happen. We were bombarded with awful news from all sources.

Then the UK was put into full lockdown. I felt immediate relief. I had been given a break from the frenzy of the real world and the virus. The day to day pressure of life had been lifted and I found myself with extra time and energy. The isolation of the pandemic gave me the time and space I needed to breathe.

As the world slowed to a stop and Covid19 was at its strongest we were given the chance to think about what is really important in life. I asked myself “How did I want to live?”.  I began to draw, and paint, and create.  I experimented with inks and watercolour and pencils and pastels. I explored with no expectations, happy to spend time observing and making marks on paper.

It became a wonderful habit. I used instagram as a trigger for inspiration and ideas. I loved that I could connect with other artists without any physical commitments. I loved that I could intimately get to know a face or character by studying and drawing it.

This is how my lockdown has been filled with “visitors”.

Although it feels like we have all been through hell this year I am very grateful for the positives I can take from the experience. It has been a joy going through my sketchbooks to select images for this exhibition. And as the world slowly returns to its normality, I will continue to dedicate time every day to creating stuff.

Me and My Best Friend
photo by fellow artist, MaVie

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Joy Willis

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