Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Linda Devereux Benatar

Self portrait

Me, myself and I. What can I say, pronoun, reflexive, first person singular, but how do I express these words in art?

Well I won’t bore you with an autobiography or subject you to the slippery slope of solipsism for which I’m sure you’ll be very grateful. Instead, I’ve interpreted the title as to how I see my existence at the present time. Therefore, in the paintings I’ve chosen to exhibit, it’s a snapshot of what anchors me along with a story defined by fun and the trust in the promise of Spring. I hope that you will take the time to look at and think about my work and enjoy the the journey.

I invite you to look at Painting 1, A Portrait of Elias. No ordinary portrait but one I painted of my husband, who is the other part of me. It serves to identify with the title.
In Paintings 2 and 3, The Visitor and Can We Go Outside Yet? are both offering a light hearted story, which you can write yourself. What is going on?
Painting 4, Tulips, purple and pink tulips. In the language of flowers these colours symbolise love, elegance and luck but most of all they embody belief. They are yours and mine and we can look forward to Spring and enjoy the re-awakening of much more.
Painting 5, Abstract. The future is full of colour and yet to be written and even if we can’t change the world there are things in it that we can.

Well, my journey with you is at an end. I trust you like my work and thank you for visiting.

Portrait of Elias
Oil on Canvas Board,  50 x 60cm   NFS

The Visitor
Oil on Canvas Board,  50 x 40cm   £400.00  Unframed

Can We Go Outside Yet?
Oil on Canvas Board,  50 x 61cm   £400

Watercolour,  39 x 49cm    £340.00  Unframed

Mixed Media,  28 x 37cm     £200.00  Unframed

Should you wish to purchase any of my artwork in this exhibition or discuss a commission for a portrait or other genre please contact me by email.
I’ll be more than happy to answer any queries.

Please contact me on: foxeswalk1@gmail.com

Thank you.


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