Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Lucia Davies



Times have changed and the way we go about our daily lives has changed dramatically. Nature is our constant and while we are feeling confined inside our homes, the trees and gardens outside are bursting into life.

The title of this exhibition, ‘Me, Myself and I’ immediately evokes ‘self-portrait’. I love drawing (but not myself), so I quite enjoyed doing a self-portrait with my face partly covered by a mask. It is a mixed media piece on Khadi smooth paper.

My current working processes are lino printing and mono-printing on the kitchen table. The Print Shed, a bespoke print studio and workshop in our village, has sadly moved and I do not have my own press. I really miss having the equipment to make collagraphs, especially creating tones and textures, but am enjoying experimenting with new techniques and love printing with colour.

Rolling out rainbow colours is great fun, then I hand print the image with my Speedball baren, a type of hand press. There is a magical moment when you lift the print from the plate and you have your image.

I am using this opportunity to showcase some of my favourite large collagraphs. These pieces are printed in black and white, stretched when dry and hand coloured with water colour washes. One of the best things about collagraphs is there is always something new to try and I am always on the lookout for interesting textures.

Orchard. The plate for this picture was made primarily with textured cut wallpaper, carborundum grit and wood-glue washes. The wallpaper made a wonderful and very strong tree bark impression.


Collagraph and water-colour
Print size: 38cm x 46cm, Frame size: 20 x 24 inches
Framed:  £215.00

Spinney, Green. I love the shapes created by spaces in full-leaf trees and used torn masking tape to create the leafy areas, with plenty of washes to add tone.

Spinney Green

Collagraph and water-colour
Print size: 49 cm x 39 cm, Frame size: 20 x 24 inches
Framed:  £215.00

Ancient Roots, Puzzlewood. These Ancient Woodlands in the nearby Forest of Dean are incredible. Ancient woodland, at least three to four hundred years old, is irreplaceable and every effort should be made to protect and preserve all that remains.

Ancient Roots, Puzzlewood

Collagraph and water-colour
Print size: 34.5 cm x 43 cm, Frame size: 50 cm x 60 cm
Framed:  £215.00

Land Lines. This is a view across the fields from Moccas Park. The contours and lines we find and create in our landscape are wonderful and collagraphs can capture these patterns beautifully.

Land Lines

Collagraph and water-colour
Print size: 39 cm x 32 cm, Frame size: 50 cm x 60 cm
Framed:  £215.00

Haugh Woods. This is a recent picture, a monoprint with oil pastels. The trees shone out, reminiscent of Mary Oliver’s poem, ‘When I am Among the Trees’:

“you too have come

into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled

with light, and to shine.”

Haugh Woods

Monoprint and oil pastel.
Print size: 30 cm x 40 cm, Frame size: 50 cm x 60 cm
Framed:  £150.00

My work is for sale and can be seen at Timothy Hawkins Gallery in Church Street, Hereford.
However, due to lockdown, please make any sales enquiries by email.

Email address:  ldaviesartworks@gmail.com
Website:  Luciaprintmaker.wordpress.com
Facebook: Lucia Printmaker

Feel free to share this art far and wide!


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