From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

Linda Devereux Benatar

Springboard from Seclusion to Possibilities

Linda Devereux
Self Portrait
Linda Devereux Benatar, Self Portrait ... Oils ... NFS

For me, to capture mood is key and I look for my inspiration in faces and figures. I search for the hidden shadows of emotion of those whose portraits I’m commissioned to paint. Occasionally the Still Life and Landscape will inspire.

My art can be dark and moody yet light and colourful but always atmospheric. The narrative I offer you in my Viewing Room is, of course, in response to the exhibition theme. And just because my first two pieces of artwork might be a bit ‘dark’ please do follow me to the end of the story.


Loss ... Oils, 457 x 356mm … £300.00

I begin with the honesty of separation in the painting entitled ‘Loss’, and all that that could mean to someone in isolation. In this painting I try to show a person retreating into themselves. The figure is slowly morphing into a mannequin type figure as reality slips away.

The Staircase
The Staircase ... Oils, 610 x 508mm … £450.00

In the second painting ‘The Staircase’ I try to show that there is always a choice no matter how discomforting. We can never go back, therefore let’s take a few careful steps. Would it be the open door that you chance or do you take the stairs to begin your journey forward?

The Visitor
The Visitor ... Oils, 508 x 406mm … £400.00

The third piece ‘The Visitor’, invites you to engage with life again outside of your cocoon but, on which side of the curtain are you? What would you like the story to be?

The Empty Street
The Empty Street ... Indian Ink and Wash, 41.5 x 29.5cm … £180.00

And now you emerge into ‘The Empty Street’. Surreal times. The infrastructure is as you left it, but……………

Autumn ... Indian Ink and Wash, 29.5 x 21cm … £150.00

Nature endures, the world turns and we tip into turbulent ‘Autumn‘ and you start to enjoy the outdoors with all its variety of colour and weather.

Peace... Watercolour, 38.5 x 28.5cm … £180.00

With the painting entitled ‘Peace’, you’re out in the open air again, the world is still and you’re healing.

Tulips ... Watercolour, 39 x 48.5cm … £400.00

Now let us look upon the ordinary objects in life once more and here we have a vase of purple and pink ‘Tulips’. The colour of the tulips, in the language of flowers, symbolises, love, elegance and luck but most of all, it symbolises belief. We can look forward to Springtime and enjoy the real thing.

Abstract ... Watercolour, 27.5 x 37.5cm … £200.00

And maybe belief in ourselves is the most important objective of all as we all emerge into a different world, an ‘Abstract’ world as the future is yet to be written.

Well, the journey is at an end. I hope you like my work and take time to ponder over the paintings and I thank you for visiting my viewing room.

Linda Devereux Benatar

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