Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

Paula Jobson

I love my garden, and over the last year I have watched the birds fly in and out of it with complete freedom. They too are under threat, theirs is bird flu. They have continued to sing and flit, chase each other off, and visit the bird feeders.

Life is resilience.

The paintings in this exhibition are:
The heron. I pay homage to the activity on the waterways, the constant movement and thrill of life along the water. People watching, wildlife watching, all while moving effortlessly and smoothly through the ever changing countryside.

My second is the goldfinch, a family of 6 are constantly in my garden. I am sure they tell me when the feeders start to get low on food.

The owl, wise. Level gaze. Clear intention.

A national trust garden, slowly turning wild, the grass left to grow rampant. What wild life is just out of view?

As a kid I was fascinated by a cross-stitch sampler on the wall at my nan’s house.

My last painting is a kind of painters sampler. Or maybe an apprentice sampler. The different topics that I have addressed over the last year all in one place. Like a story book, starting deep in the hedgerow where no-one looks, rising up through the marigolds and brambles all the way up to the moon glimmering in the bright daytime sky. It has felt like an exploration of life, and deep in the heart of the work are the words blink, breathe, smile. Just like a sampler of old.

And on the personal theme, Me, Myself & I, I have added a video of my current unfinished project: 100 days of Feel-Good Doodles. Each day I draw a doodle that is uplifting to me, that is full of spirit and excitement. I use this to help me navigate the day. At the time I put this together I am on day 46. The tools are simple, 3 colour pencils, a notebook, an ink pen, and my imagination. No image searching, which means no tapping into my computer for images. I simply plug straight into my imagination. So some characters may seem a little strange. That’s life.


Grey Heron

Acrylic,  10.5 x 7 in
unframed,  £85


Watercolour 5.5 x 8 in
unframed,  £39

Night Owl
Acrylic 11.5 x 8 in,
unframed,  £98

Quiet Gardens
Acrylic, 12 x 23.5 in
unframed,  £248

Hedgerow – Artist Sampler
Acrylic 6 x 14.5 in
unframed,  £92

100 days of Feel-Good Doodles

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