From Isolation to Creation:
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Rebecca George

Evolving Earth

Unfolding ... Digital Photography ... 10 x 8 inches ... £50

Rebecca George

In my photographic work in general, I focus on Abstract Photography.
I aim to capture an object in a way that it would not usually be seen. Form, shape, patterns and lines are all important elements of my work. These features create an engaging image that conjures up thoughts and feelings.
The Abstract Expressionism movement is a great inspiration to me, in particular the work of the American photographer Aaron Siskind.
The images that form this exhibition convey emotion and meaning rather than reality. The reality of the image is distorted and therefore gives an exaggerated view of an otherwise recognisable object. This exhibition depicts the natural world in a very different way. I chose to photograph the images in black and white as I feel that without the distraction of colour, more attention is drawn to the textures and details in the images.
Produced in isolation and photographed in my immediate surroundings, the images express the mixed feelings that being in isolation brings up. ‘Evolving Earth’ shows how our world is constantly changing and is out of our control.

My artworks
The artworks shown here are Digital Photography, and as a 10 x 8 inches print each is priced at £50. Other sizes are available.

Please get in touch if you are interested in my work.

You can phone or text me on 07703 634224 or email me at
You can also find me on Instagram: bexgeorge34
All images available in a range of sizes.

Rebecca George

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