From Isolation to Creation:
Artists Respond to a Changing World

Stella Hidden

From Critical to Recovery

On the Edge ... Acrylic on Birch Board ...100 x 100 cm ... £2,000.00

When the pandemic was announced I was on board a ship in the North Sea heading towards Norway. We zigzagged to and fro in a state of limbo for 5 days before being brought back into a changed United Kingdom.

I found it impossible to be creative for the first two weeks in lockdown.

Then I heard that a friend in his 50s was critically ill with the Virus and in Intensive Care. As he fought to stay with us, my painting was influenced by his struggles. I and our large close group of friends thought about him day by day, hour by hour, and sent thoughts and messages of encouragement to him. With his 4-month fight ahead and a 1% chance of survival it really brought home the reality of what all patients were potentially facing: they were literally ‘On the Edge’.

Gradually we started going out and about.

As things improved I embraced again the joy of painting.

The Standing Group as work in progress
The VERY Tall One

Acrylic on Birch Ply Board … 182 x 31 cm … £2,000.00

This group of 6 paintings can be free-standing or hang on a wall.

I use the wonderful language of colour to create a feeling. I am particularly influenced by the seasons and the countryside around me, as well as music and sounds, dance and movement. There has been a long personal transition from depicting representation elements, to employing abstraction where movement of suspended colour is of prime importance.

As a child I was happiest with a pencil or paintbrush in my hand, drawing things around me. I worked in a Technical Drawing office for many years before having a family. Eventually I went to College to study Art & Design & Textiles and then Art History through the Open University. Since then I have developed my own individual style and love for painting further.

I use acrylic paint on birch wood, which has a wooden frame to allow the paint to continue around the side. To create the textures, I layer paint with brushes, my hands or any object around me to make the mark I require. Each painting can take many months, even years, to create. Paintings start without premeditation, one idea leads to another. Unforeseen developments emerge and these are taken up until the work reaches its surprising conclusion. The painting is a record of all the steps taken during its making.

My paintings embrace layers of thinking, feeling, inspiration and spontaneity, as well as technique. My aim is to communicate with everyone, engaging a viewer’s imagination.

Please get in touch if you are interested in my work. All paintings are for sale.



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Pleasure painting not locked down