Spring 2021 Exhibition
Me, Myself & I

The Studios

We are delighted to have 19 of Herefordshire’s talented artists showing work in this exhibition.
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Hello, welcome to my Studio. I’m an artist working in the amazing countryside of Herefordshire, how lucky is that! Mainly I work in oils and watercolour. I paint commissioned Portraits and other Genres from photos or from life. Today I must interpret the title of this online exhibition which is certainly  a tricky concept, however, I hope you enjoy taking a look at my artwork and enter into the story. Happy browsing……….

Thoughts become things. Imagination and creativity valiantly win over the wandering of the mind.

Each object is cherished and as a collection they tell part of my story.

I am passionate about the amazing array of plants growing in the natural world. I have always been compelled to draw and paint them. I gradually realised that there was a whole world of Botanical Art and have found myself perusing it with enthusiasm.
I am now a student on the diploma course of the Society of Botanical Artists. The SBA course is a challenge for me and I hope it will bring enjoyment and fulfilment.

I gained a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration. I work in watercolour, oil
and graphite, and I also produce greetings cards, which are mainly images from my paintings, which I sell locally and at various outlets around Herefordshire.
Please click on the Sweet Pea image above to go to my exhibition page.
I do hope you enjoy the visit and if you are interested in contacting me
please use my e-mail – lorraine@coandlo.plus.com

I am blessed to live in a wonderful woodland valley location which is the inspiration for a lot of my more recent works. I have included some of my abstract acrylics which have been born out of this constantly changing landscape. My work is clearly biased towards nature, my love of colour and texture. “A painting has to create an atmosphere or mood” which is an aim I try to achieve.

The process of both Photography and Painting makes me observant, patient and appreciative. I feel privileged to have captured a fleeting glimpse of a bird or the minutiae in life and nature. I believe one cannot see the bigger picture without the smaller picture. When I paint from my photographs it takes observation to another level. Both processes are mentally stimulating, calming and spiritually rewarding vehicles through which I share what I love and who I am.

The pictures on display are part of a series of 66 paintings in response to Dante’s Paradiso. The five exhibited are from the second part of this series layering responses to Giovanni de Paulo’s work on Dante with watch data from 2019-20.

Partying on your own!!!

Enter the mysterious dimension of a paranormal world. My journey of spooky adventure on aspects of the supernatural realm. These paintings are by no means exhaustive, there will be more to come in the future as time allows. I hope you enjoy them.

February is a wonderful month, starting at winter’s end and overlapping with spring’s
beginning. Longer days and new growth, colour even on dull days in hedgerow stems, new green
grass pushing through last year’s pale remains, early flowers appearing. For me it has always
been the right time to start a new year.

Who Am I?

In response to the title of the exhibition, I thought about how to express the feeling of self through the medium of Photography. I interpreted the title literally by using a physical body part, my hands, but then depicted it in an abstract manner.

I am a fine-art printmaker, lucky enough to live in the beautiful Golden Valley. Art has forever been an essential element of my life and I have always been love-struck by trees.
I have adapted to Covid conditions by changing from intaglio to relief printing. Although I miss the textures and tones of intaglio printing, using colours is exciting and I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

My charcoal and acrylic portraits.

MY painting is my socially distanced walking group, I am one part, alone, being identified exclusively by my phone’s signal.

Covid has no boundaries so we have to change and adapt for safety.
I resorted to my paints to channel my feelings until I can be myself.

Solitary exercise, shuttered restaurants, travel banned.
Falling leaves as our spirits dropped and Covid numbers increased, and daffodil bulbs planted to welcome Spring and Hope.

I am an abstract artist working in mixed media including the use of inks, acrylics ,and dyes on both paper and cloth, often using texture, stitch or word to enhance the pieces.
These pieces represent me as an artist and show my love of colour.

Bold gestural brushstrokes and exhilarating contemporary saturated colours are the hallmarks of my ‘Expressive Figurative’, painterly work.



I am inspired by earth creatures, plants, rocks, burrowers & things with roots & fur!